Thursday, July 28, 2011

Just a quick update.  As I said, I had a last minute change of plan last week and ended up coming home to Guernsey for just over a week.  I had a pretty chilled out time and had a bit of a break off the bike as well before getting back into it this week.  It was great to catch up and see family and friends, some of who I haven't seen for a few months.  I was pretty lucky with the weather and most days were sunny and warm.  I took advantage of that and managed to get in surfing once and had a go at spear fishing a couple of time which was nice.  

I'm back into it now though and have been training properly again since Sunday for the up coming races.  Tomorrow is the National Circuit Race Championships held in Beverley, and then on Sunday is a Premier Calendar, again in Beverley.  This isn't too far for me to go from York which makes a chance, so not too much travelling, although….On Monday we then fly out to Spain for the Vuelta a Leon which is a 5 day UCI2.2 ranked stage race around Leon, which is about 3hrs drive north of Madrid…..Fingers crossed we get some good weather there and some good form for it as well!

My last evening back home I decided to go to the Guernsey Velo Club's, Delancey Flyers.  This is weekly evening (Wednesday) of races for under 14 year olds, all held around Delancey Park.  Each week there is a variety of different races put on from, time trials to mini X-country races, hill climbs….you name it they have done it!  I thought it would be good to go, help out and watch as I always hear what a great atmosphere it is but very rarely get to experience it…..Well it really stands up to that expectation and more.  Not only are there what seems like hundreds of kids all desperate to race each other and the clock but there are plenty of parents down there to cheer and support them.  There are plenty of hands on deck with many volunteers (mostly parents) who are down there week in week out to make sure that things run smoothly and to plan, plus all the other behind the scene's work as well!  I really enjoyed it and am sure that there are some future stars in the making! 

Whilst I was back I also had time to catch up with my sponsors Ian Browns Cycle Shop and RazorBlades2u.com….Both are doing really well and I would like to again take this opportunity to thank them for the help, very much appreciated! Don't forget to click on the sponsor links below and get ordering!

Thanks for reading folks.

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