Friday, August 3, 2012

It's been a while….I know. So time for an update, not only to the blog but the whole site! As I'm sure you can see some big changes have been made to the layout and look of the site... which leads me to my first thanks to Dom and Josh from Blix. They have put a lot of hard work into the new site and as you can see have done an absolutely awesome job! Check out their website by clicking on their logo at the bottom of this page and see some of their other impressive creations! If you need of a website building for whatever reason then get in touch with them.


You may also have noticed that there is another new addition to my sponsors. Again, a big thanks to Queen's Road Medical Practice and especially to Dr Bill Barker. I regularly see Bill when I am home and over the past few seasons he has helped me no end. With his special interest in sports and exercise medicine he has been the one to make sure I am always on top of my game, well bike….when I've not been falling off, which I've managed to do a few too many times recently! Bill's also a very keen cyclist.


An athletes body is his engine, not only just for cyclists, but whatever sport and at whatever level. It is important you get your regular check ups/ services just like you would take your car to a garage. Having built up a good relationship with Bill over the years he knows what to look out for in me personally. What could be early signs of illness, a lack of vitamins, iron etc from blood testing he knows not only what is a normal level, but a normal level for me and can therefore pick up on when my immune system maybe getting a bit low and advise me to back off training and/ or racing. With a huge range of services from GP, physio, chiropractic, osteopathic therapy to nutritionists QRMP will be able to cater for you!


Along with the continued support of my other sponsor Ian Browns Cycle Shop, the help of The Guernsey Sports Commission and obviously my Team for this season, Raleigh GAC, I've had a great first half of the 2012 season and am hoping it continues!

I will sign off for now but be updating the blog again shortly so check in again soon.  Have a look at the recently updated results and photo pages.

Thanks for reading


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