Tuesday, December 25, 2012

My last blog post left you with tails of my off season break in Indnonesia. That now seems like a life time ago and strangely enough also like yesterday!

What have I been upto since....well, training mostly. November and December can be pretty quiet and uneventful months really and are all about getting back into the routine of training and finding the legs again. It always amazes me at how foreign riding a bike feels after a few weeks off, but thankfully the legs do come back and it starts to feel normal again!

My training has gone pretty well, other than a short bout of illness which I managed to recover from pretty quickly and come back stronger which I was happy about! I'm currently typing this sat on a flight home from an excellent 10 day training camp in Lanzarote. I went out with Dean Downing from the Rapha-Condor Sharp team and we had a cracking week or so out there. For the many years I have been going to Lanzarote, cycling or not I haven't seen weather as perfect as it was!

From the top of Mirador del Rio, North of the Island

Lanza 1
Unusually warm with most days being 26-28 deg and hardly any wind, which for anyone who has ever cycled in Lanza will know is what makes it so tough out there! Through Dean's contacts we guested a few days with a bike week from Club La Santa which was great to have a few wheels to follow and meet a variety of people, also seeing some friends from Guernsey too was good!


70 Year old retired Danish pro Jorgen Emil tucking into a beer 3.5hrs into a ride and half wheeled me on the way back.....strong as an ox!!

Lanza 2
The last few days were spent riding with a few boys from South Wales which again was good to have some great banter whilst getting the Km's in!

Riding up Los Valles (Windmills) with the boys from South Wales

Lanza 4

Some Leadout training already! This kid was flying along, tough headwind as well...


Another end to an awesome days training in Lanza, one of the only places I know to match Guernsey's awesome sunsets.

Lanza 3

I'm looking forward to having a few easy and enjoyable days over Xmas before cracking back into the next block of training!

Thanks to Deano, Ben, Dan, Cam, Marty, Tim, Laurent for some cracking rides out in Lanza, look forward to seeing you out there in the not to distant future!

Hope you all Have a great Xmas!

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